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Center for Passionate Living 

Therapist Referrals and Life Resources


Sexuality, Polyamory

Zoe Sipes, SF  415-517-4099, http://www.confluencetherapy.org

Victoria King, Berk 510-736-3717

Sandra Bowling, Berk 925-640-1407, https://www.sandrabowlingmft.com

Sonya Brewer, Berk 510-496-6010, http://sonyabrewer.com

Meredith Broome,  SF/berk, 510-595-1335, http://www.centeredlife.com

Donna Diamond, SF  415-823-3911

Patrick Califia 415-652-4624

Lisa Lancaster, couples- 510-841-2525

Alissa Blackman, Berk 510- 496-6030, https://www.bodymindbayarea.com


Somatics and Trauma

Meredith Broome, bodywork, SF and Berk 510-504-4213

Julia Barker, SF and Berk 415-694-2201

Jennifer Ianello , Berk, 415-200-7265, http://www.thewisebody.com

Denise Benson, Palo Alto and SF,

Donna Diamond, SF, 415-823-3911

Val Eilert, 415-336-5795

Wendy Palmer, Marin,  415-472-1619

Eugenia Guidi, works with teens,510-463-4027

David Martinez, LA https://imbodied.co


Somatic Therapists

Anam Cara, Berkeley, http://www.anamcaratherapycenter.com

Susan San Tara 510-982-6034  

Jana Schustack  510-594-4044. http://wwwgoodtherapy.org/jana-schustack-therapists.php

Shirley Bar-Dvir 510-610-9582  

Matt Foley  510-470-4135

Eugenia Guidi 510-463-4027, http://www.eugeniaguiditherapy.com

Carrie Katz, 510-594-4330, http://www.embodiedbeing.net/

Rivka Geogehgan, 510-594-4002, https://www.berkeley-therapist.com

Rob Fisher, couples, Marin 415-389-6340

Karina Colliat, art therapy,415-307-4152http://www.karinacolliatmft.com

Erin Selover, mindfulness-based therapy, Berkeley http://www.erinselover.com

David Coates, SF, http://www.davidcoatesmft.com


Wilderness/ecopsychology/Vision quests

Kerry Brady, Marin/Sebastopol 415-706-8821, http://www.ecologyofawakening.org/kerry Eilish Nagle, Berkeley 50-594-4001  

Dave Talamo, Wilderness Reflections, 415-339-7405,

Lower Fee

Earth Circles, Berkeley 510-601-1929  

Grateful Heart Therapy Center  https://gratefulhearttherapy.org

For San Francisco: (415) 868-5741

For the East Bay: (510) 394-5065

Addiction treatment

Living by the Sea Royan Frankie (30 day outpatient)

The Meadows trauma and Addiction (Arizona)

RecoveryHappens.com  (inpatient)

Sorenity Knolls (marin)


Dr. Walter Sipe, SF, 415-483-2112

Dr. Michael Stanger, Oakland,  510-859-8129

Career Coach

Adrian Klaphaak, Oakland, http://apaththat fits.com



Jada Delaney,  Chi nei Tsang, Santa Barbara, 415-242-0864  https://www.jadabug.com

Shana Payton Walt, neuromuscular reprogramming, cranial sacral, El Cerrito, 415-320-5368

Angel Stork, energy work and massage, Sebastopol,  415-298-1618

Alex Regalbuto, Santa Cruz, 858-342-3474

Jaweed Naweed, Chiropractic,  Oakland 510-384-8653

Tracey Stanton, Berkeley, 415-498-0708  http://www.red-alchemy.com

Theresa Belden, Bodynamics, somatic attachment, Albany, (510) 528-3702

Mark Tanaka, Qigong and yoga, Santa Cruz, http://marktanakayoga.com

Maria, TRE, maria@trecalifornia.com


Holistic healing/digestive/autoimmune

Lee Patrick Hank http://remodelingyourhealth.com/lee-patrick

Gail Blair http://www.foodrevelation.com



Training and Courses

Amy Mcclaine, Social-emotional learning, Soulshoppe, http://soulshoppe.com, 510/338-3231

Strozzi Institute, https://strozziinstitute.com/

Generative Somatics, http://www.generativesomatics.org/

Mankind Project, https://mankindproject.org/

Psychic Horizons, https://psychichorizons.com/

Clairvision Meditation school, http://www.clairvision.org/

Luminous Awareness Insitute, https://www.luminousawareness.com

Hakomi Institute:  http://hakomiinstitute.com

Chi Gung/dance

Steve Seto 510-282-4328

Gabriel Crane 510-898-8934

Rhythm n’ Motion, SF

5 Rhythms

Soul Motion



Circling, https://www.circlinginstitute.com/

T group

Astrology/ Readings

Rae Diamond, Berkeley, 206-963-3073

Karamjot Sharu, https://vedicastroyoga.acuityscheduling.com/schedule.php

Julie Brown,505-242-0368

Andrea Racko, http://www.theSacredbee.com

Leah Lamb, Soul Story, http://www.leahlamb.com/soul-stories


Writing teachers/groups

Laura Davis, http://lauradavis.net

Andy Coultier, http://theopening.org

Gabe Crane, https://www.wovenwings.net/about

Jen Cross, https://writingourselveswhole.org

Domestic Violence

The Riley Center has domestic violence support groups in English and Spanish. The Community Office phone # is 415-552-2943.

​Beverly Upton, ED of the Domestic Violence Consortium in SF. (415) 864-4722

Meditation Centers

Spirit Rock, https://www.spiritrock.org

Mount Madonna, https://www.mountmadonna.org

Green Gulch Farm Zen Center, http://sfzc.org/green-gulch

Berkeley Shambhala Meditation Center, https://berkeley.shambhala.org

Tassajara Zen Meditation Center, http://sfzc.org/tassajara

Dr. Joe Dispenza, https://drjoedispenza.com

SF Insight, http://www.Sfinsight.org

Bayas - is a yahoo group has many postings if people sign up for it.

Mindfulness Care Center in SF- Gough St.  

MBSR classes UCSF Osher Center and CPMC Institute for Health and Healing

East Bay Meditation Center- Oakland and Berkeley

​Tibetan Buddhism, http://www.scribd.com/doc/134139265/April-Meditation-Program

​Sufi Heart Centered meditation, Iamheart.org



Body Keeps the Score  Bessel Vander Kolk

Waking the Tiger Peter Levine

Trauma and Memory Peter Levine

In an Unspoken Voice: How the Body Releases Trauma Peter Levine

Trauma-Sensitive Mindfulness David Treleaven

Anatomy of Change   Richard Strozzi Heckler

Wired for Love  Stan Tatkin

Hold Me Tight Dr. Sue Johnson

Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself, Dr. Joe Dispenza

Healing Sex  Staci Haines

Mating in Captivity Esther Perel

Girl Meets Boy: The Myth of Iphis,  Ali Smith

Gaga Feminism: Sex Gender and the End of Normal  Jack Halberstam.

Gender Blending  Gail Ruben

Care of the Soul Thomas Moore

Soulcraft : Crossing into Mysteries of Nature and Psyche Bill Plotkin

Understanding the Borderline Mother Christine Ann Lawson

All the things we Never Knew: Chasing the Chaos of Mental Illness Sheila Hamilton

I thought it was just me but it isn’t, Brene Brown

Reconciliation: Healing the Inner Child Thich Nhat Hanh

Radical Acceptance, Tara Brach