O Magazine, September 2021:
"How to Find the Right Kind of Therapy For You."

Therapy no longer just means lying on a couch talking about your childhood.

PsychCentral, June 2021:
"What to Do When Depression Makes You Feel Worthless"


Feelings of worthlessness can happen for a variety of reasons, including depression. But with self-care and support, confidence and joy can return.

ScaryMommy, May 2021:
"How To Handle D*ck Pics Like A Boss"


It took a pandemic for me to finally engage in social media. I joined Instagram last spring and instead of a neighbor coming by with a basket of muffins, here on Insta, I got welcomed by a dick pic. Thank you, kind sir.

AskMen, April 2021:
"Navigating the Dating World After Experiencing Sexual Assault"


Nearly 1 in 38 men have experienced completed or attempted rape during their lifetime, but there’s something important missing from that statistic: that’s only counting those who report it.

Elephant Journal, March 2021:
"Through the Veil: A Reflection on Life & Grief after Losing You to Cancer."


As in life, in death, Jada inspires practice. Grieving her loss is a meditation in returning to the present moment. When I find myself in the past, or in the future, feeling my grief over what we won’t get to experience together, I hear her voice saying, “I’m okay, Bella. I’m right here.”

TeenVogue, March 2021:
"COVID Anniversary Anxiety Is Real — Here’s How to Cope"


It started as February crept toward March. Posts on social media began to appear asking if anyone else was in a “weird funk” for “no reason,” as one friend on my timeline put it. A tweet from February 26th claiming not to know a single person who wasn’t having an inexplicably “garbage” couple of weeks (the “worst ones of the whole pandemic,” even) was liked more than 20,000 times. Since then, texts from friends have confirmed the heightened stress they’re somehow, after a year of extreme stress, able to feel, and I’ve been reaching for my go-to soothers — baths and Golden Girls episodes — with a restless regularity.

The Manifest-Station, December 2020:


I recently turned 45 and for the last few years, I’ve dreaded my birthday. Not for reasons you might think, like sagging skin or facing my mortality or no longer making certain age-group cut-offs on dating apps. 

The Embodiment Podcast, September 2019:

Somatic sex therapist Charna Cassell joins me to discuss trauma and sex. This one gets quite full-on in places and could be triggering. We chat about childhood trauma, windows of tolerance, numbing, hyper-arousal, the six F’s, being gay, sexual self-medication, attachment, what a “healthy” sex drive is, BDSM, Peter Levine, practical tools for healing, meditation and trauma, celibacy, and top tips for a great sex life. Charna also leads an exercise to help if you get triggered during the episode. A juicy, deep and practical one.

Healing Feeling Sh*t Show, June 2019:

n this episode Rachel interviews four therapists to explore various approaches to healing.