• Charna Cassell, MFT

What is Sexual Freedom?

Sex is a paradox: How can something that’s the source of trauma also be a pathway towards transcendence?

LAIDopen endeavors to answer this conundrum. In exploring the naked truth about sexual pleasure and distress, the subjects I interview -from trauma survivors to somatic therapists—illuminate the messy truths about what it means to have a sex life after trauma. 

Sexuality is as hot as it is complex, as confusing as it is intoxicating, and often difficult to navigate after enduring any kind of disturbing experience. Whether you’re turned on or can’t find the switch this podcast is for you.  LAIDopen explores sexual freedom, whether that means choosing to actively engage in sex or pressing pause for as long as you desire. What enhances and hinders sexual freedom? LAIDopen will answer your questions about intimacy, emotions, and relationships, offer practical exercises and feature some of the leading personalities in the fields of somatics, trauma, attachment, mindfulness, healing, and the arts.

Why do we move through cycles of feeling healed, only to have the past rise up and drive us onto the wrong side of the road when we least expect it? Why do we love sex and intimacy one day and not the next? And why do our minds say one thing and our bodies say another?

LAIDopen probes these questions—and reminds listeners that sexuality is hardly static. It takes surprising shapes, and often functions as a microcosm for how we show up outside the bedroom. While the podcast is inclusive of anyone interested in sexuality, trauma, and healing, it’s specifically geared towards trauma survivors and their loved ones. Rooted in two decades of my professional experience as a Master Somatic Coach and licensed psychotherapist, specializing in trauma and sexuality.

This podcast will be available come summer, possibly sooner.  Let’s engage in these conversations and create more ease around them. I would love for you to contribute by sending me questions that concern you. You are not alone in them.

Email your challenges and curiosities about sex and sexual trauma as a 30-second voice memo (if you are okay with your voice being used) or an email (for complete anonymity) to laidopenpodcast@gmail.com.

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