• Charna Cassell, MFT

Benefits of Edging-the lost art of delayed gratification

Both men and women can edge, though often it is used in relation to men bringing yourself to the brink of orgasm and backing off, building up sensation again and backing up repeatedly. Edging involves teasing yourself and elongated a masturbation session or sexual encounter so that when you do orgasm it is more intense. Mastering the art of edging also benefits anyone you partner with because sex can become more of an exploration or connection than a race to the finish or prayer that you don’t consistently finish so quickly that you leave your partner feeling neglected or frustrated. Edging suggests there will eventually be an orgasm, but some people practice semen retention aka nonejaculatory orgasms.

1.Develop more bodily awareness, attunement and self-control.

2. Last longer and increase your stamina. Often, when you prolong your period of stimulation when you do have an orgasm it is stronger.

3. Increased pleasure for yourself and your partners. You are practicing the building for whole body orgasm and multiple orgasm.

4. Have more satisfying, prolonged masturbation sensations.

5. Once you have mastered this technique and developed it as a habit, you can get out of your head and the mechanics and be more present and connected during sexual encounters.

When you feel close to ejaculation, stop what you are doing and firmly press up against your perineum with your fingers. With your other hand grasp the base of the shaft and squeeze. Alternatively, you can squeeze the head of your penis while pressing on your perineum as well.

You are pulling all of energy up from your pelvic floor and sending it up versus down and out. To do this you are squeezing up and in with your lower belly, bellow your ribs.

Clench your pelvic floor or Pubic Coxalgia muscles, which are like a figure 8 around your genitals and anus, upwards and hold your breath. Creating a closed circuit of energy helps build orgasmic energy up.

Additionally, to strengthen this circuit, press the bottom of your tongue against your upper palate and look up towards the sky with your closed eyes.

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