Guest Inquries

If you’re here, it means you’re ready to have a lively conversation, answer some insightful questions and ultimately share your journey and message with our audience.

You’re excited and we’re excited for you!  That’s how this works, we believe that the relationship between a podcast host and guest is a partnership that ensures we work together to impress the heck out of our listeners.

Who should apply?

Authors, thought leaders and experts in sex and relationships. 

Before you apply…The Ground Rules

This is the honor system, but if you want to be on a show about sex and relationships, I’m assuming you’re a good egg: Please subscribe to the show and listen to an episode or two to get a feel for the vibe and flow of the show. And I kindly ask that when you do, you ALSO leave an honest rating and review on Apple or the podcast player of your choice. The more reviews, the more people will find the podcast and hear your wisdom on the show! Win win.